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In the early years of the 20th century, men like Edwin Lowe and Hugh J. Ward had a tremendous impact on the evolution of bingo. Now, less than a century later, the game has reached new levels of popularity thanks to bingo websites and constant play in pubs and community centers around the world.

Most of the visitors to are either veteran players looking to increase overall knowledge of the game or a newcomer who’s considering playing real money online bingo for the first time. In either case, the information provided on this site should allow you to start fast and finish strong using our safe and reliable recommendations.

Our picks for the best online bingo sites in 2014 are listed below:

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Important Criteria When Choosing Bingo Sites

Before you settle on a bingo destination, make sure that it meets certain criteria. When we evaluate online bingo websites, we always check the following:

Are U.S. Players Accepted? – Bingo is popular across the United States, but some gaming sites have restricted American citizens in recent years. When we review a virtual bingo hall, we always check to see if U.S. players are welcome.

The Website’s Reputation – In order to maintain a solid reputation in the gaming industry, a site needs to pay its players on time, offer superior customer service, and provide games that are random and secure. There are numerous fly-by-night operations floating around the Internet, so a strong reputation is always important.

Available Promotions – Bingo websites love to offer promotions to bring in new players. This can be as simple as offering free games, or it might take the form of sign-up bonuses or incentives for referring a friend.

Selection of Games – Does the site offer a wide variety of games such as blackout, full house, and four corners? The popularity of the site is also important, as it measures the amount of online social interaction the player will be able to engage in.

Deposit/Withdrawal Options – Does the site offer multiple ways to deposit and withdraw your money? It’s also important to make sure the bingo website has a reliable history of paying out prizes on time.

What You Can Find at

At, we strive to be your one-stop destination for all things related to bingo. As such, here are a few of the many topics you can expect to find on our site.

Reviews – We offer in-depth reviews for all the leading bingo websites, as well as newcomers and hidden gems.

Operating Systems – A comprehensive list of bingo sites sorted by the operating systems they support, from Windows and Linux to Mac and Ubuntu.

Sites by Country – An ever-growing list of sites that are tailored for specific countries or speakers of a particular language. If you want to find a site for Spanish-speaking bingo fans, this is the place to start.

Tips – Bingo may seem like a simple game, but there are numerous strategies you can employ to get an edge on the competition.

Lingo – Check this section to learn all the insider terminology you’ll encounter while chatting with people while you’re playing.

Free Websites – If you want to play for big prizes, you’ll need to pay a fee. However, free bingo sites also exist for the convenience of the frugal player. This section of lists some of the best.

Bingo is a fun activity that can result in cash or prizes, but it offers more than material wealth. Thanks to the chat features present in almost all online bingo rooms, players from across the globe can share in a sense of community and cheer each other on. For those unable or unwilling to play in a land-based bingo game, interacting with online friends can be the highlight of their day. Thanks to the information provided by, you’ll have all the information you need to get started.