Bet365 Reveal Player Protection Technology

Leading UK gambling operator Bet365 have revealed details of the steps the company takes to protect players and encourage safer gambling.

The details were revealed in the end of 2019 accounts released by the firm earlier this month. According to the report, Bet365 is committed to adopting the best in industry policies and technology to boost player protection.

Among the technology they employ in this area is a risk-detection program known as EROS. This monitors all customer activity looking for any customer behaviour that might suggest a potential gambling problem. And Bet365 say that they have also been working on using machine learning to add to the capacity of the EROS system. According to information provided in their annual Strategy Report, the firm have already developed a machine learning model that will be tested shortly.

In addition to these approaches, the company have been working with a Canada-based company, Focal Research to develop a tool that can analyse customer data to identify potentially high-risk patterns of behaviour. This data will enable Bet365 to fine tune its player protection protocols and to tailor the way that it communicates to customers that are at risk of gambling addiction.

Gambling Charity

The company have also outlined their more direct approaches to tackling problem gambling. These include working with gambling charity GamCare to improve training for staff who deal directly with customers, giving staff the skills they need to help customers find help for their gambling problem.

Among the other developments in 2019 was a tool that gives customers the ability to block all access to any gambling activity at particularly dates or times, which includes the ability to repeat that block on a regular weekly or monthly basis.

Bet365’s efforts in this area, and their keenness to publicise the anti-problem gambling steps they are taking, reflect the additional pressure that the UK sector is under to do more in this area.

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