Bingo Continues to Attract a Younger Audience

For a long time, bingo has had the image of a game that is played mainly by the older generation. Over the years though that has changed, especially since the arrival of online bingo. Now much younger players are enjoying the game of bingo.

Prince Charles may have claimed that bingo isn’t the most skilful of games, but it is one that is changing. There has even been calls for bingo to be introduced into the Olympic Games at some point in the future.

New bingo sites are opening on a continual basis and this is making the game even more popular. The most surprising fact though is that it is the 25-34 age group that is most likely to be playing the game. A YouGov survey proved that point last year with 28% of those saying they’d played bingo online in the past year being in that age bracket. With sites continuing to grow in popularity and lots more television/radio advertising, that figure is likely to be higher now. Second in that survey was the 35-44 age group on 26%. That mean just over half of those asked were in the 25-44 age groups.

It’s not just the internet that is causing younger players to try their hands at getting a full house. Mobile phone technology has played its part too. The growth in the number of people with smartphones has led to them being used to go online and the downloading of bingo apps.

This doesn’t mean massive problems for the bingo halls though. Around 30% of online players asked in that survey said they also visit their local bingo hall. Perhaps all those slot games help attract a younger audience. Whatever the reason, bingo seems to have a very healthy future indeed.

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