Online Bingo Bonuses

Online bingo bonuses give you cash in return for taking certain actions. The most obvious example of this is the first deposit bonus. You sign up and make your first deposit and in return the bingo site gives you extra cash to purchase cards and participate in the games there.

The obvious advantage of any bingo bonus is it increases the value of your deposits. You deposit £100 and end up with £200 for example. That’s an awesome value for your money. Not all offers are that generous of course, but every bit helps.

On this page is our list of the best bingo bonuses available right now. Altogether, these bonuses can get you close to £350 in extra money to play bingo and win more prizes. Below is a look at the biggest and best bonuses in the world of online bingo.

Here’s a look at the best bingo bonuses available today:

Welcome / Deposit Bonuses

The lotto kegs on card and money isolated on a white background.
The lotto kegs on card and money isolated on a white background.

Websites hosting bingo games offer bonus rewards based on the size of your first deposit – usually on a percentage basis. After choosing a site to play with (and either downloading the software or choosing instant play games), you create an account and make your first deposit.

The idea behind welcome bonuses is to generate buzz and attract new members. A welcome bonus may be a specific amount of free play (£50 worth of free cards, for instance) or a cash reward (£60 added to your player account) all based on the size of your deposit and other features of your membership.


Refer-a-Friend Programs

Bingo sites are well aware that existing customers are a great source of new customers. A happy player at a bingo site is likely to talk about it with his or her friends. What better way to spread the word than to give current members an incentive to bring their friends along for the fun?

Referral programs are designed just for that – to reward their customers for inviting their friends. You can do the same by logging in to your account and checking for a special referral link or a place to enter your friends’ e-mail addresses. Anyone that you invite to join the site is tagged as one of “your” players. This qualifies you to receive cash bonuses and other rewards.

A typical referral program will give you a smallish cash bonus for every depositing customer you send to the site. Bonuses in the £5 to £30 range are quite common. As soon as your referral makes a deposit, you get paid. it’s a win-win for everyone.

Reload Bonuses

Reload bonus offers pay rewards when a customer makes a second deposit (a “reload” deposit) at a site they’re a member of. This is designed to encourage players to continue to use and add funds to their accounts and usually takes the form of a percentage bonus, meaning customers earn a percentage of their deposit as a reward for returning and making a second deposit.

Most of the bingo websites mentioned on this page have ongoing reload bonuses for existing customers. These promos change all the time, but you should receive e-mail notifications whenever new promos go live. Once you have an account at a site, you’ll be notified whenever there’s a new reload bonus.


Below are some of our most frequently-asked questions about online bingo bonuses and promotions.

1. What can I do with my bonus cash?

You can use your extra cash to play in bingo games, buy more cards and try to win more money. What you should know is most bingo bonuses are not withdraw-able. You can withdraw any prizes that you win with the cash, but you cannot withdraw the bonus itself.

2. How do no-deposit bonuses work?

The cool thing about no-deposit bonuses is they are what they promise: extra cash that requires no deposit. You can use the money to play in games and win real cash prizes that you CAN withdraw. The catch is that you will eventually have to make a deposit before you’re allowed to make your first withdrawal.

For example, let’s say you create an account and get £10 added before you even deposit. You play a few games and hit a £100 jackpot. If you want to withdraw that £100, you will first need to make a small deposit.

3. Is bigger always better?

Not at all. I have seen some absolutely massive bingo bonuses in my time and most of them weren’t nearly as good as they looked. They came with so many terms and conditions that they ended up being about as useful as any old small bonus.

Sometimes smaller bonuses are better anyways. You get the cash as promised and don’t have to jump through a bunch of hoops to make sure you get to keep what you win. Plus, smaller bonuses don’t require huge deposits. A little £10 deposit is often more than enough to do the trick.

4. What’s the catch?

Every welcome offer on the internet comes with terms and conditions. The “catch” is different at every bingo site. The bonuses that I recommend come with pretty standard, easy-to-understand T&Cs. However, you should go ahead and make it a habit to read the terms on your own anyways.

In most cases, the catch is you have to play X number of games before you can withdraw anything won with the bonus money. It’s not all that bad in my opinion. Bingo sites just want to make sure their offers are taken up by legitimate customers and not people who are just here for the free money.

5. What are these free ticket packages I keep hearing about?

Some bingo websites seem to always have some sort of free ticket package on offer. Basically, what this does is give you free access to a certain number of games. Instead of paying for the bingo tickets/cards like you normally do, you get them for free.

For example, a £10 free ticket package used at a £1-per-card game will give you 10 cards for that game. That’s 10 chances to win a prize without risking any of your own money. In poker, we would call that a “freeroll.”

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