Introducing Cash Cubes Bingo and Where to Play Online


Earlier this year, gaming software giant Playtech came out with a new bingo variant called Cash Cubes. This new form of online bingo is catching on in a big way so we figured now would be a good time to introduce the game to our readers and provide a few recommendations of where to play Cash Cubes bingo online.

Cash Cubes is a fast-paced, 36-ball in which new games run every two minutes in addition to a longer-term challenge in which you can collect cubes that eventually result in real money payouts just for collecting them. In this way, Cash Cubes provides players with rapid-fire action alongside a longer-term collectibles game that will keep you coming back for more.

In a game of Cash Cubes, you start by purchasing a bingo card like normal and then select a colour of cube that you want to play. The colour of each cube corresponds to the cost to play. Cards with orange cubes cost 10p, those with green cubes cost 50p, those with purple cubes cost £1 and those with red cubes cost £2. The more expensive the card, the bigger the minimum payout.

When the game begins you will be given a unique bingo card featuring four squares that appear to be made of diamonds. Each number corresponds to the edge of a square and will be marked off as your numbers are called out. In all, there are 12 numbers on each card.

When you mark off all four sides of any one diamond, that diamond shatters to release a cube that is sent down to your cubes collection area at the bottom of the screen.

How to Win in Cash Cubes Bingo

The first player to break all four diamonds to release four cubes wins that particular game and the “4 Cubes” prize. If that happens to be you, the cash is deposited directly to your account at the end of the game.

There is also a “Cash Cubes Jackpot” feature that begins with a £500 jackpot that grows over time. This jackpot is triggered whenever a player releases all four cubes within 18 calls or fewer. The winning player wins the majority of the jackpot, but everyone involved in that game will also win a share of the jackpot proportional to the amount each player stakes in that game.

Additionally, there is a long-running “Cubes Collection” prize that is unique to each player. Every time you break a square and release a cube, that cube is added to your account’s running total of cubes of that same colour. For example, if you play in a £2 red cube game and release two cubes, those will be added to your running total of red cubes.

Once you reach 50 cubes of any one colour, you win the bonus prize corresponding to that colour. What’s nice about the Cubes Collection feature is that it does not depend entirely on luck. The more you play, you will inevitably collect more cubes until you finally reach 50 cubes of any one colour. As soon as that happens, you begin collecting cubes once again.

This YouTube video from Playtech shows what a full game looks like in action:

Where to Play Cash Cubes Online

Cash Cubes has proven popular enough that all Playtech-powered bingo websites have added it to their games lineup. There are dozens of places to play Cash Cubes online, but we believe the following bingo sites stand out as the best due to other factors extending beyond simply offering real money Cash Cubes.

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