Bingo Sites Listed By Operating System

Internet bingo games offer two basic forms of access for their members – download and instant play. This setup is similar to other online betting venues; Internet casino software is commonly available in these two versions as well. The differences between these two forms are slight. Instant play games don’t require a software download or the use of any special applications, while download bingo games offer better graphics and other effects and more game variety.

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Bingo players usually choose instant play games because they don’t want to clog up their computer or mobile gadget’s memory or because they run an operating system that isn’t compatible with a particular set of download software. For instance, people using Mac OS or Apple’s iOS mobile platforms have a smaller selection of download bingo games to choose from and generally have to rely on instant play games that run in a Web browser.

Choosing to do your Internet bingo play with a site that’s compatible with your operating system is a must if you prefer a game via download. As online betting on bingo has become more popular, more sites hosting these games are being designed in formats compatible with multiple operating systems. It’s not uncommon to find a site that offers downloads for Windows, Mac, and even Linux operating systems. Finding a bingo game compatible with your chosen operating system saves you the hassle of running an emulator to play over your Internet connection and might prevent you from being forced to choose the less feature-rich instant play titles.

How to Choose a Bingo Site for Your OS

Though Mac use has increased in the last decade, most computers accessing the Internet are running a version of Windows. That’s why just about every bingo site and app is available in a version compatible with Windows. What are customers that use a Mac or a device that runs on Linux or Ubuntu supposed to do when they want to play online bingo games? Finding bingo games compatible with Macs is not as difficult as it once was, though it can still take a pretty good amount of research to find Linux or Ubuntu-compatible games.

Games for Mac Users

Mac Bingo Sites – In the early days of the Internet, Macs made up only about 1% of the online population, so gambling websites of all stripes didn’t have to cater to the needs of Mac owners. That same population now is up above 15%, depending on which survey you believe, so bingo gaming websites have been forced to host Mac versions of games to do business with a larger percentage of their potential customers. These days, game sites designed specifically for Mac users are available – thanks to an increase in the use of Macs it is now profitable to operate a Mac-specific set of software and instant play games compatible with Mac Web browsers like Safari.

Games for Linux Users

Linux Bingo Sites – Linux is not a common operating system, far less common than Mac OS or iOS for Apple mobile gadgets. Linux users are usually particular about the software and applications they choose – since Linux is an open-source operating system generally used by tech-savvy types, it should not be a surprise that Linux-specific bingo games are uncommon. Good news – most instant play versions of bingo are compatible with Linux.

Games for Ubuntu Users

Ubuntu Bingo Sites – Since Ubuntu is a version of Linux, and like Linux it is an open source OS, no Ubuntu-specific bingo gaming websites are available. But just like finding games for Max or Linux, it may be easiest to play bingo using Ubuntu OS in instant format or by using a Windows emulator program.