Country Specific Bingo Sites

Online gambling and bingo are regulated, restricted or prohibited in various parts of the world. Some countries are friendly to the idea while others make every effort to ban and criminalize internet gaming. The laws are different everywhere you go, and that means the list of available sites changes from one region to the next.

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The purpose of this whole section is to help you navigate the complex world of international gaming law. Or to be clearer, we want to help you find the best legal bingo sites for your jurisdiction and explain what you should know about the law before you play online for real money.

It’s good to understand the rules, risks and consequences of playing bingo online in your country. While I can’t claim to be a lawyer, I can tell you that I’ve researched this topic to death and feel pretty confident in giving you the absolute basics. If you’re ever in doubt, however, it is always best to seek advice from a licensed attorney in your area – preferably one who specializes in gaming law.

In most countries, online bingo sites operate in a sort of legal “grey area.” They aren’t exactly legal and they aren’t exactly illegal. The good news is it’s pretty simple for the players. For the most part, the laws target gambling site operators and not individual players. In other places, there are no laws whatsoever and everything is completely legal.

All this talk of generalities is fine, but what you really need to know is how bingo laws works in your part of the world. Just follow any of the links below to learn more about the legal climate in your area and which bingo sites are the best bets for players in your country.

Other Things to Consider

The law definitely has the biggest impact on the state of online bingo in your country, but there are other factors that play a role in determining which bingo websites are best suited for your part of the world.

Software Availability

A good indicator of whether an online bingo room accepts players from a particular country is the software used by the site. Software providers must also abide by the rules of their host nations and the location of each software company ultimately determines which markets a bingo site may and may not serve legally.

For instance, game rooms that use software by European providers such as Virtue Fusion and Brigend are limited to the European and UK markets. Other providers such as Vista Gaming operate in the quasi-legal US market and are therefore banned from the Europe/UK market.


Your bingo site needs to speak your language. While a good game of online bingo may transcend any language barriers, you would eventually run into problems if you played at a site that didn’t support your language. Managing your account, making withdrawals and taking advantage of promotions are all pretty hard to do when you can’t read the words on the screen.

It would also be a shame to miss out on the social side of bingo. This is a social game at heart and much of the fun comes from chatting with your friends and “meeting” new people. As fun as bingo may be, it just doesn’t have the same long term appeal without that human connection.

Customer Service

Along those same lines, customer service needs to be in your language to be of any use. You might think you’ll never need to use customer support but I can guarantee you’ll need them at some point if you play long enough. Pick a site that speaks your language and your life will be that much easier.

Additionally, it helps to have support reps who understand the market you call home. They need to understand how your banking system works, which deposit methods you have available and a hundred other little things that vary from country to country.

Supported Currencies

It’s always nice to play a game of bingo in your native currency. If you bank in any of the 5 or 6 largest currencies in the world, this won’t even be an issue. Some of the smaller or lesser-known currencies are only supported by specific bingo sites. Some aren’t supported by anyone.

The biggest bingo websites do have systems in place to take deposits from almost every currency in the world. If they don’t support your currency during games, they at least have the ability to convert from your home currency to whichever currency the site uses. Almost all sites charge no fee for currency conversions.