Denmark Bingo Websites

bingo-countries-denmarkDenmark has made great progress in opening its gambling market to private industry. From 1948 to 2012, the state-owned monopoly Danske Spil had exclusive control over both brick-and-mortar casinos and internet gaming. Legislation passed in 2010 and enacted in 2012 finally allowed private and foreign companies to apply for Danish licenses to offer gambling games to customers of the country.

Current gambling law in Denmark allows licensees to provide online sports betting, poker and casino games to residents of the country. The Danish Gambling Authority still retains the exclusive rights to horse racing, greyhound racing and lottery style games. Unfortunately, bingo is considered a lottery-style game under Danish law.

Your opportunities to play online bingo in Denmark are fairly limited as a result. The only authorized bingo website in Denmark is the state-owned Danske Spil. The good news is Danske Spil is a high quality site that would be competitive even if the industry was open to outsiders. It hosts a whole variety of bingo games in the Danish krone and no download is necessary to participate.

Most of the large international brands such as 888 and William Hill do not accept Danish players at all for online bingo. Those sites have licenses in other jurisdictions that require them to comply with the laws of EU member nations. These brands to have a presence in Denmark but are unable to legally offer online bingo. There’s no chance of playing there until the law changes. None of those sites would risk criminal action or losing their licenses just to offer bingo.

Playing for Real Money

Danish gambling sites accept a wide variety of deposit methods including PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, electronic bank transfers and e-wallets. The government’s acceptance of internet gaming extends to payment processors and you should have no problems getting your money onto any licensed site.

Withdrawals are processed back via the same method used to make the initial deposit. This means that if you deposit with PayPal or Neteller, your winnings will be paid out to your online account. The exception is credit card deposits which require a different payout method. If you deposit with a card, you can easily have your winnings paid in the form of a paper check or electronic funds transfer.

Clearing Up Misconceptions

In doing research for this page, I found quite a few websites recommending Denmark bingo sites incorrectly. Sites such as 888Bingo, Wink Bingo and William Hill do not even allow customers from Denmark to make an account, let alone play.

Licensing requirements in Denmark forbid licensees from offering the game. Bingo is classified as a lottery-style game and is restricted to the state-controlled monopoly Danske Spil.

If you’re intent on playing bingo in Denmark, you have two options. One is to play with the state-owned Danske Spil website while the other option is to play at an offshore website not licensed anywhere in Europe. This would pretty much limit you to playing at the same sites that serve customers in the USA.

Even that may prove challenging. The Danish government actively censors the internet and blacklists unlicensed gambling sites. Any attempt to access a blacklisted site will result in a notice that the website is not available to residents of Denmark.

Other Forms of Gambling

Bingo, racing and lotteries are the three exceptions written into Denmark’s legislation. Other forms of gambling are open to competition. Poker, sports betting and casino games are especially popular and residents can play at dozens of different gambling sites.

It’s a shame that bingo isn’t open to the same liberalization as these other games, but hopefully that changes in the future. I do have to give credit to Denmark in how it handles online poker. Unlike some other countries that have legalized internet poker, Denmark allows for international pooling of players.

This means that if you play poker in Denmark, you’re not limited to sitting at tables with other Danes. Licensed sites in Denmark allow you to sit with players from other countries. This has resulted in greater liquidity, more table selection and bigger tournaments. Denmark should be considered a model for other countries pursuing legalization and regulation.

Sports betting and casino games operate in Denmark the same way they do anywhere else. You can place wagers on international competitions and play roulette, blackjack and all the others with the same rules found elsewhere in the world.