Decline in Spanish Bingo and Poker Revenue

The online gambling market in Spain grew overall in 2019 but bingo and poker revenue declined in the final quarter of the year, according to figures released last week.

The figures, which were published by the Direccion General del Ordenacion del Juego (DGOJ) reveal that gross gambling revenue was up 7.1% on the previous year to €748.5 million. But the figures also showed that there was a significant fall in revenue for the fourth quarter.

Sports betting recorded the best performance, with an increase of 3.7% in revenue, which grew to

€378.6m on the year, while real-money contests, saw the biggest rise in revenue to €2.7 million, which represents a 170% increase, and casino revenue was also up 15.2%.

But both bingo and poker revenue dropped in 2019. In the case of poker, revenue was down only slightly to €81.3 million, but bingo revenue dropped by 9.7% to €12.1 million. The revenue drop follows a fourth quarter in which revenue fell for a second consecutive three-month period.

In the three months up to the end of December, revenue across the Spanish betting sector dropped 2.1% to €185.6 million. This was due mainly to a fall in poker and sports betting revenue. The sports betting sector saw a drop of 10.2% to €89.9 million, and poker revenue fell 4% to €20 million.

In-play betting bucked the trend, becoming the main source of sports betting revenue, adding €55.5 million to the total figure, helping to offset a fall of 29.7% in pre-game betting revenue.

In the online casino sector, there was an 11.7% rise in revenue, down mainly to a growth in slots, which saw an increase of 13.8%. Some traditional online table games, particularly roulette, also did well in the fourth quarter, showing a 6.2% increase, although blackjack fell by 17.4%. And the biggest fall came in the bingo sector, which saw a drop of 24% in quarterly revenue.

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