ClickandBuy Bingo Websites

bingo-deposit-clickandbuyNotice: ClickandBuy is no longer in business. You can see a list of other deposit methods here.

ClickandBuy is an online wallet that works well for moving money to and from gaming sites. Low fees, fast transactions and a reputation for security all make ClickandBuy an attractive funding method for real money bingo. One of the other advantages of this deposit option is that it keeps your banking information private from any and all gambling websites.

What’s also nice is ClickandBuy isn’t just for gaming. More than 16,000 online retailers accept it as a payment method. If you win a big bingo jackpot, you can go straight to the iTunes store and load up your iPod with new music. Of course, you always have the option to just cash out your winnings and put them in the bank.

The rest of this page will cover where you can play with ClickandBuy, how to use it and how much it costs. It’s a relatively easy-to-use deposit method once you have your account set up and funded with money.

Bingo Websites that Accept ClickandBuy

The following bingo websites accept ClickandBuy as a funding method. You can get started by visiting any of these sites and signing up for an account. If you decide to deposit today, you’ll get a real money bonus as a welcome.

You’ll also need a ClickandBuy account before you can deposit at any of these sites. If you don’t already have an account, just head over to and click on the “register” button. It’s free to sign up for an account and load it with funds from your bank.

After you have an account at a bingo site and an account with ClickandBuy, the next step is to move money from your bank to your ClickandBuy account. You can do this via direct bank transfer or credit card, although I recommend you stick with the direct bank transfer since it’s free.

Just log in to your account to see all available options for loading it with money. There are different methods for different regions, but they’re all easy to use and come with step-by-step instructions for funding your account. It’s similar to making any other purchase or paying a bill online.

The final step is to make the deposit at your bingo site. You can do this by logging in to your bingo account and choosing the “deposit now” option inside the cashier. Choose ClickandBuy as your deposit method and type in your username, password and deposit amount. That’s all there is to it.

Account Limits and Verification

All new ClickandBuy accounts start with limits on how much you can deposit for each funding method. You can remove these limits by verifying each funding method. Once you verify, you can deposit and withdraw significantly larger amounts. There are two ways to verify your account.

1. Verify Two Small Charges

The first (and easiest) option is to log in to your account, go to “settings” and then “payment methods.” Click on the “confirm” button next to your payment method and then choose “charge me confirmation amounts.”

ClickandBuy will process two small charges (less than £1.00). Wait a few days and then log in to your online bank account or wait for your next statement. Look for the two small charges and then log back in to ClickandBuy, go back to the “confirm” area and type in the exact amount of each charge. This verifies that you are indeed the owner of the payment method.

2. Send in Verification Documents

The other option is to scan a copy of your ID and one other piece of identification and then send an e-mail with the photos attached. ClickandBuy will verify that your account information matches with the documentation and remove the limits on your account.


Most of the services ClickandBuy offers are 100% free. There are no charges for making an account or loading it with a direct debit or bank transfer. The only time you’ll be asked to pay is if you load your account with a credit card (3.9%). Direct debits, Giropay, ebanking and online money transfers are all free.

Currency Exchange

ClickandBuy can process transactions in a wide variety of currencies and converts currencies on autopilot. If you make a deposit to a bingo site using a currency other than the one your bingo account was created with, ClickandBuy will automatically convert your deposit to the appropriate currency. Currency conversions cost 5.9%.


Withdrawals from bingo sites to your account cost nothing. Withdrawals from your ClickandBuy account to your bank come with a flat fee sized according to your currency. Here’s a look at those.

  • GBP: £1,85
  • EU: €1,85
  • US: $2.75