Credit Card Bingo Sites

credit-card-bingoEvery bingo site on the internet accepts credit and debit cards as a payment method. This is by far the simplest way to fund your account. Most of us already have at least one credit or debit card, so getting started is as easy as typing in your info and hitting the “deposit” button. All you need is a little money in the bank.

The actual process of funding your player account with a credit card is pretty much the same thing as purchasing something online. You visit the cashier, type in your card number and security code and you’re good to go. You can choose any amount you wish.

Best Bingo Websites for Credit Card Deposits

The sites listed below are ranked in order starting with the best at the top. I rank these sites according to two different factors: their overall quality and the maximum deposit limit. All of these sites are good, safe places to play but some are just a little better than all the rest when it comes to funding your account.

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More Info

The credit card is the single fastest method to fund your account. If you’re ready to play right now, this is the option to use. It’s fast, secure and simple. You can create an account and complete your first deposit within minutes of choosing a site.

One of the advantages to using a credit card to make a deposit is you don’t have to sign up for some third party e-wallet or payment processor. The transaction takes place between you and your bingo site only. There’s nobody else getting in the way, slowing things down and charging extra fees.

The one thing you should be aware of before you deposit with a card is you’ll probably be asked to scan and e-mail the site a copy of your card at some point. This standard operating procedure among gambling sites of all types as it provides protection against people using stolen cards to fund their accounts.

Yes, it’s a bit troublesome to scan a copy of your card, but it does help keep things safe for everyone. I know I’d sure be happy about the policy if someone stole my card and tried to deposit at some random gaming website. In any case, you’ll only have to do this once. Once you verify your information, you’ll be left alone to play, have fun and deposit whenever you want.

About the Limits

New players are subject to stricter deposit limits than those who have made a few successful deposits. This again is related to security. Real money bingo sites like to start things off small with new players until a few transactions have been processed successfully.

You can expect to see limits of a few hundred dollars the first couple times you use a card to fund your account. After you make a couple deposits, you can contact your bingo site and get those limits raised. Be patient in the meantime and it will all get easier.

You could also look on the bright side and think of those initial deposit limits as an opportunity to get comfortable with each site. You can make a few smaller deposits, try the games and avoid any risk of getting in over your head.


Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions that we see asked time and again by new players. It’s always a safe bet that if you have a question, you’re not the only person who wants to know.

Is my credit card information safe?

Your card information is always safe as long as you play only at reputable sites. The best bingo websites all date back to the late 1990s. That’s an eternity by online gaming standards. Some of these sites have been serving customers for nearly two decades now. Stick with the big names and your information will always remain in good hands.

What if I don’t want to give the site my credit card number?

There are a couple options if you’re not comfortable handing your credit card information over to a bingo site. First of all, each site listed above accepts certain prepaid gift cards. You can purchase a gift card in person with cash and then use that to complete your deposit without ever revealing your personal card info. Visit your site’s cashier to see which brands of prepaid cards they accept.

The other option is to try a different deposit method. Cash transfers and e-wallets can both be used at all the major brands. A cash transfer allows you to send physical cash via Western Union or MoneyGram while an e-wallet can be used as a middleman between your credit card information and your bingo site.

Can I receive withdrawals via credit?

In most cases, you cannot receive winnings as credits back to your card. There are a few exceptions at non-US bingo sites depending on the issuing bank of your credit card. However, you will most likely have to claim your winnings via some other method such as direct bank transfer or a courier check by mail.

What about debit cards?

Yes, debit cards are accepted as long as they are branded with the Visa, MasterCard, Maestro or Discover logo. The process for depositing is exactly the same for debit cards as it is for credit.