Echeck Bingo Websites

The eCheck is a convenient payment method that transfers funds directly from your bank account to your bingo account. eChecks are basically the 21st century version of the classic paper check we still use from time to time. Unlike old-fashioned checks, eChecks require no paperwork. All you need is a bank account.

If you know how to write a traditional check, you have everything you need to make an eCheck deposit. It’s as simple as getting out your checkbook and filling out your routing and account number inside the bingo site’s cashier area.

Best eCheck Bingo Websites

Here’s a list of bingo websites that accept the eCheck payment method. You can visit any of the sites below to sign up for an account and make a deposit. Your player account balance will be updated instantly in most cases.

I only know of one reputable bingo site at the moment that accepts this deposit option so I guess the word “list” is a bit misleading. However, I will update this page if that changes.

Note: eChecks are not available in all countries. Players from some countries have similar deposit methods to the echeck (such as Fast Bank Transfer) but they aren’t exactly the same. In any case, you should find something similar wherever you live. If you don’t see the words “eCheck” in the deposit screen, look for something else that mentions bank transfers or “fast” transfers.


The biggest advantage of the eCheck is it’s one of the easiest ways to deposit as it requires nothing from you other than a little basic information. You don’t need to sign up for an e-wallet or go buy a prepaid gift card like some other deposit methods require. You just submit your information and go play bingo.

The other nice thing about eChecks is they use operate under the same legal framework as paper checks. What that means is each bank must check the validity of the check and ensure that you’re really the one who initiated the deposit. Banks also ensure the funds are available in your account before the transaction is complete.


Using this method requires setting up a player account at a bingo gaming site, selecting eCheck as your deposit option, then entering a few details about your checking account. That means giving the site the name and the routing number of your bank as well as your bank account number. They may also ask for a copy of your ID or proof of residence.

It’s troublesome to provide this information but that’s how all eCheck bingo sites work. They have to protect both themselves and the general public. Most deposit methods require some sort of verification so you might as well get it over with. The good news is you only have to verify your identity once at each site.

Using this Method for Deposits

After filling out the required information simply input the amount of your eCheck deposit and then submit the form to the site. You’ll be asked to provide a deposit amount at some point. The first time you make a withdrawal via eCheck, you’ll be asked to send in a copy of your ID to verify your identity.

Some retailers and gaming sites check immediately to make sure the transfer clears your bank, others simply credit the balance without checking (or a small portion of it) without a delay and verify later. Some deposits transfer instantly while others take a couple business days.

One feature unique to this transfer system is that each time you make a successful deposit, the site is likely to lift your deposit limits or offer you a new line of credit as a means of encouraging their customers that pay with this method to make more (and bigger) transfers in the future.


Check fraud is a widespread problem and it is understandable if you feel a little hesitation in initiating transfers online with no part of the transaction occurring in person. One nice feature of electronic check transfers is the lack of a physical check which can be stolen, altered or misused. Electronic deposits are more difficult to interfere with for the simple reason that they don’t physically exist like a check sent in the mail.

The speed with which an electronic check moves from a person to the bingo site’s cashier is also a security feature; with fewer people able to access the information that’s easily found on a paper check. Remember that a transfer using this method is not handled by humans at all.

eChecks have built-in fraud protection systems that are also safer than a paper check from your bank account. One of the ways you are protected is the requirement of a high-quality copy of one or more pieces of government-issued ID. Unless someone has stolen several pieces of ID as well as your bank info, they won’t be able to fraudulently make a deposit in your name.

Deposit Limits

Some sites that accept eChecks put a limit on the size of their customers’ first deposits as a security precaution. Over time, the limit placed on deposits increases as each site gets a better idea of your reputation as a depositor. You may also be limited to one electronic check deposit per week or a set number per month.

If you stick with one bingo website for a while, limits become practically nonexistent. The max limit at some sites goes as high as £100,000. It’s hard to imagine needing much more than that to play online bingo where the most expensive playing cards top out at about £5.