Ukash Bingo Websites

bingo-deposit-ukashUkash was an easy-to-use method that players once used to fund their bingo accounts with actual cash. All you had to do was purchase a prepaid voucher and then redeem it online.

The Ukash company was sold to Paysafecard in 2015 and no longer exists as a standalone deposit method. If you enjoyed Ukash, you’ll enjoy Paysafecard. They both work in almost exactly the same manner (which is probably a big part of why they joined forces). You can learn more below:

I’ve left the rest of this Ukash page up for anyone not aware of the changes, but you can disregard it now. Paysafecard is the new way to play bingo with cash.

There are several online bingo sites that accept deposits by way of Ukash payments. This simple, quick and safe money transfer option makes it possible for you move your money across the web to your player account without any anxiety regarding safety and security.

If you are a first time player looking for a way to fund your account without revealing your personal banking information, a Ukash bingo site is the way to go. You don’t need to give up your info or even have a bank account to make a deposit.

Best Ukash Bingo Websites

All of my top-ranked bingo websites accept Ukash as a deposit method. The limit per transactions varies from site to site, but you can redeem multiple vouchers to get around those limits. Only 888 Bingo has a daily limit which is set at £1000 flat. Sky Bingo has no maximum deposit amount but you can easily set safety limits from inside your account.

How Does it Work?

Ukash is an online payment option that uses vouchers that you can use in place of cash. When you opt for a Ukash payment you get a PIN code in exchange for your money that is in effect an access code to cash. When you have to make a payment at an online bingo site you simply enter the code you have received and the payment is made to the Ukash bingo sites.

The first step in using Ukash is to visit any location that sells vouchers. There are about 150,000 locations across the UK, Europe and other parts of the world. Once you find a location, you can then purchase a voucher from the terminal with credit or cash.

In return, you get a paper voucher with a 19-digit security code. You can then visit your bingo site, log in to the cashier and type in the code. The purchase value of the voucher is instantly credited to your account and you can start playing immediately. There are no wait times or verification procedures like you see with other deposit methods.

Ukash vouchers are treated like cash so make sure you hang on to it once you get it. Whoever has the 19-digit code can use that code to make a deposit. Vouchers come in a variety of denominations ranging from £10 at the low end to £500 at the high end. If you need to make a larger deposit, you can purchase multiple £500 vouchers and combine those to make one big deposit.

Advantages of Using Ukash

Ukash vouchers can be obtained from thousands of locations across the UK and Europe. These include bank ATMs, online locations and kiosks. Stores displaying the epay, PayPoint signs can sell Ukash vouchers in exchange for your cash.

You can also buy these vouchers from PayZone terminals. In the UK alone, there are hundreds of points where you can convert your cash into Ukash. This is a major advantage because it affords flexibility in buying vouchers and safely funding your account.

There is no risk of misuse of sensitive personal data when you use Ukash because you never divulge any personal details when you purchase vouchers. This is one is a big point in favour of Ukash in this day and age where it seems a new high profile security breach hits the news every week.

Ukash deposits are instant. Once you have a voucher in hand, you can redeem the voucher online and your account is funded instantly. There’s no need to wait for the funds to clear because you already paid for the voucher in person.

Ukash also has an online payment system that you can use to purchase virtual prepaid cards. You can create an account at the Ukash website and use your credit card to buy virtual cards which can then be used to make deposits at bingo sites. This option comes in handy when you don’t want to give the bingo site your information but you’re not quite motivated enough to drive to the closest Ukash terminal.