Webmoney Bingo Websites

bingo-deposit-webmoneyWebMoney is an online money management and payment system that works with the bingo websites listed below. An account with WebMoney can be used to make deposits and receive withdrawals which can then be forwarded to your personal banking account or withdrawn as cash at any of the thousands of WebMoney offices located around the world.

The company was established in Moscow, Russia in 1998. WebMoney originally targeted the Russian market but has since expanded to nearly worldwide status. This is kind of an odd payment method as it isn’t very well explained on the website. If you’re already familiar with how it works, it’s a great method. If you’ve never used it before, there are better options for speed and simplicity.

Best Bingo Sites for Webmoney

There aren’t a whole lot of options to play online bingo with WebMoney, but fortunately two of the largest providers do accept it. Here’s a look at the best bingo sites to deposit via WebMoney:

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Neither bingo site charges a fee for depositing or withdrawing, but WebMoney does take a cut out of every transfer. See below for more information about fees and using the service.

How WebMoney Works

WebMoney is a place where you can store funds, pay online merchants and receive payments from other users. An account allows you to create “purses” which can be used to hold specific currencies. You can send money to other users’ purses and receive money into any of yours. WebMoney also supports currency exchanges within purses.

Once you have an account and a purse, you can fund your purse through a number of payment methods. Wire transfers, internet bank transfers, WebMoney offices, cash-in terminals, money orders and electronic currencies such as Bitcoin can all be used to fund your purse.

There are two different methods you can use to log in to your account, manage your money and make payments. One option is a downloadable piece of software called WM Keeper Classic. The other is WM Keeper Light which uses a secure connection through your browser. My recommendation is to go with WM Keeper Light.

Your funded purse can then be used to deposit at any of the bingo sites mentioned above. To do this, log in to your player account, visit the cashier and choose the “WebMoney” deposit option. The cashier will take you to a deposit page where you choose the amount to deposit and a page with further instructions for completing the deposit.

Withdrawals from bingo sites are sent to the WebMoney purse in your account that corresponds to the currency used at the bingo site. For example, a withdrawal in Euros would be sent to your Euro purse within your Webmoney account. From there, you can withdraw to your bank account, a bank card or at the nearest Webmoney office.

There’s an entire Wiki dedicated to WebMoney if you’re curious about everything else the service has to offer. This is not your typical e-wallet by any stretch of the imagination. But as far as online bingo goes, we’ve covered everything you need to get started and play.


Bingo websites charge no fees but Webmoney charges 0.8% on all transfers. This means you can expect to pay 0.8% upon depositing and 0.8% upon receiving funds. Withdrawals via bank wire, bank card and exchange offices also incur a 0.8% fee. The minimum fee is 0.01 of your currency units while the maximum is 50 currency units.