Online Bingo Games and Variations

Bingo is in a constant state of evolution. From its origins as a lottery game in 16th century Italy to the modern version that gained popularity at carnivals in the 1920s, bingo has a long history of modification and improvement

Thanks to the rise of the Internet, there are now more bingo games and variations than ever before. It’s a task in itself just keeping up to date with all the different forms of bingo. Nevertheless, some bingo variations stand above all the rest in both popularity and staying power.

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Here is your guide to the different types of bingo games. From the traditional to the downright unusual, there are enough games to keep you busy for quite a while.

90-Ball Bingo

Old lotto game with numbers and barrels on grey background

Old lotto game with numbers and barrels on grey background

This version of bingo is popular in Australia, the United Kingdom, and parts of South America and Europe. Each card is comprised of three rows and nine columns, with each row having five numbered squares and four free squares.

Most sites with 90-ball bingo give out three prizes per game. The first player to complete one horizontal line of five numbers receives a prize (known as a “one line bingo”); while another prize is awarded to the player who completes two horizontal lines for a total of 10 numbers (“two line bingo”). The final prize is given out for a “full house,” which is achieved by filling in all 15 numbered spaces on the bingo card.

That’s the fun thing about 90-ball bingo – every game has at least three winners. You don’t have to give up on all those cards you purchased just because someone else catches a bingo. The game plays on until all three prizes have been awarded.

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75-Ball Bingo

Bingo Game Card

Bingo Game Card

Popular in North America, this popular version of bingo is played on a card with five columns of five numbers each. Each column is headed by letters that combine to spell out BINGO, and the numbers in each column fall into a certain range (between 1 and 15 in the “B” column, for example). In order to win, the player must complete a specific pattern that varies from game to game.

Static and moving patterns can be used to determine the winner. The static pattern never changes during 75 ball bingo, while the moving pattern will change at certain intervals. In the latter case, completing any of the displayed patterns will result in a win.

75-ball bingo may feel a little strange at first if you’re not used to it, but this format has the advantage of flexibility. There are so many patterns possible that there’s always something new. You’ll find everything from Xs to four corners to Easter eggs and more. Patterns in 75-ball bingo are limited only by the imagination.

The patterns largely determine the length of the game. Shorter games require a single horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. Games can increase in length from there all the way up to blackout games which require every square to be hit before a winner is declared.

It’s also common to play games with multiple patterns and prizes. For example, a site may have three different prizes of different values. The smallest prize might go out to whoever fills in the first line, a bigger prize goes out to whoever completes an X and then the grand jackpot goes out to whoever fills in one entire card.

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80-Ball Bingo

This bingo variant combines the rules of 90-ball and 75-ball bingo. Cards are 4×4, which means they have a total of 16 numbers. The objective of this game varies, but one of the most common requires the player to complete either a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line.

Another variation requires the player to fill in all squares on their card, while filling in multiple lines is also a common victory condition. Some of the more unusual versions include “four corners” (the number in each corner must be filled in), “Letter X” (two diagonal lines that create an “X” pattern), and “postage stamp any corner” (four numbers in a corner, meant to represent a postage stamp).

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30-Ball Bingo

Also known as “speed bingo,” this game is played with 30 balls and a 3×3 card. The object of the game is to fill in all nine numbers on your card before the other players. The advantage of 30-ball bingo is that you can get in and many games within a short period of time. This is the game for anyone on the go.

30-ball bingo is exclusive to the internet but only one of our top-rated bingo sites offer this game as of now. We are in the process of reviewing sites purported to host this variant and we will update this page with recommendations if any of those bingo websites meet our quality standards.

Bingo Poker

This pattern-based version of the game plays out like 75-ball bingo, but there’s one major difference: Instead of numbers being called out, poker cards are used to determine which spots on the card will be filled in.

Bingo games and variations are constantly changing as websites try to attract customers with the hottest versions of this classic game of chance. The old favorites will always be offered, of course, but don’t be surprised if your next visit to an online bingo hall uncovers a new way to play. Check this section frequently, as will endeavor to keep you updated on all the latest changes.

Bingo poker isn’t so much a different variant of bingo as much as it is a theme. Bingo sites frequently offer themed versions of classic games for the sake of mixing it up. Deal or No Deal bingo is another very popular theme for bingo.

Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal (DOND) bingo plays out like a standard 90-ball bingo game. The difference is that when the winner steps forward to claim the prize (the exact value of which is not revealed), the banker offers the player a deal: take the known cash prize now and give up on the mystery prize (DEAL) or decline the offer and take his chances with the mystery prize (NO DEAL).