Huge Celebrations for £171,546 Jackpot Win

It’s been another successful year for Buzz Bingo players. There have been plenty of big winners but in Southampton, they’re still talking about a recent record—breaking win. Gareth Bedford from Southampton thought he’d won £2500 but then realized his win was much larger. It turned out to be a record-breaking £171,546. 

The 30-year-old is even more shocked about his big win because he wasn’t even due to be playing bingo that late August night. His plan for the day had been to go to Salisbury races but then he changed his mind. Instead, he decided to go to his local Buzz Bingo hall with his father and sister.  

He shouted house in one of the big games of the night to scoop a £2500 prize. But then he took another look at his ticket and realised that his win had come on the double number. That meant that he had won the jackpot and it was a massive prize to win. There had been no jackpot winner for the past 32 days. With the jackpot amount continuing to rollover during that period, he had actually won £171, 546. 

It’s the largest amount won since the Buzz Bingo club launched in September of last year. The record-breaking winner said he was “ecstatic and shocked to have won such a life-changing sum of money.”  

He admitted that when calling ‘house,’ he had no idea the jackpot had been rolling over for so long. Gareth said he “couldn’t quite believe it” and when told how much he had won, tears of joy began to flow. Then he bought all the other players in the club a round of drinks. Then there was a party held in the club to celebrate his big win. 

Half of his winnings will be shared with his father. Of his own 50% will go to his sister, so it’s great news for all the family. 

The manager of the club is Paula Joynson, she said, “we couldn’t be happier for Gareth’s incredible win.” The double number jackpot had been a recent introduction to the club. 

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