Ortiz Gaming Relaunching Bingo Games

The way in which we play bingo has seen many changes in recent years. Amazing changes in technology has been behind this and this week has seen exciting news from Ortiz Gaming

It was in 2016 that the company debuted its online portfolio and they are now in the process of relaunching some of their most popular games so that they can be used on mobile devices. They are even introducing a game that uploads instantly and can be played with only one hand. 

As you can imagine, such developments only come after months of research followed by plenty of testing. Their product team has now been given a permit to redesign the interface of their bingo games. This has seen them carry out work with the development team to create a user-friendly product. It has both state-of-the-art technology and a high-speed download so will be eagerly awaited by its future users. 

The first game that they will be launching in this new platform is entitled ‘Triple Mobi.’ It’s expected that players will be hugely impressed with its size and interface. Alejadnro Ortiz is the founder and chairman of the group. He says that the download speed has been increased to one-tenth of the market average.  

Ortiz Gaming have an extensive range of bingo video games. These include releases such as ‘Gambeta Bingo.’ ‘Allstar Bingo,’ ‘Rodeo Bingo’ and ‘Bingo Star.’ Their mission is to “provide the best gaming product for players.” It seems their new products are going to achieve that and more. 

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