Bingo Prizes

Bingo prizes at online games are as diverse as the prizes available at land-based parlors, charity games, and private tournaments. Playing this classic lottery-style game for real money on the Internet is essentially identical to playing at your neighborhood bingo room; game styles, card designs, bet sizes, and the variety of prizes available to winners are similar whether you play in person or over the Internet.

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Prize variety is one of the features that players use to compare websites that host bingo games. Since competition between these sites for player bankrolls is pretty stiff, offering new prizes, larger jackpots, better rewards, and special VIP programs and loyalty prizes is a common way for providers to attract attention from online bingo gamblers. These VIP programs and special promotions are different from standard bingo prizes like cash or other goodies handed out for winning a game or tournament; they pay out based on how much you play or how much you deposit.

Bingo prizes include cash jackpots, free entry to an online tournament or special event, vouchers used to increase the value of your next deposit, points toward a rewards program, site merchandise, and even high-value giveaways like vacations. The variety of prizes a player wins depends on how much they play and what site they use to play online games.

Cash Payouts

Traditionally, bingo games in parlors or private games at churches and school hand out small cash prizes. It is also common for these land-based games to hand out gifts and other rewards. Websites hosting online games do hand out cash jackpots, and they are probably still the most common way to win on the Internet. The dollar value of the prizes varies from site to site, game to game, and depending on whether you’re playing in a single game or a longer bingo tournament. Like online casino games, Internet bingo rooms have both progressive jackpots (ones that grow in size until a player collects) and fixed cash prizes.

Vacations and Cruises

Players at some online rooms have the chance to win vacation packages and travel prizes when they win certain games; when looking for a new home for your online bingo play, search out a site that offers holidays, cruises, and other vacations either in their bonus rewards systems or as part of jackpot packages for tournaments or even single-card games.

Electronics & Gadgets

Internet bettors tend to be the type of people who like high-tech toys. That’s why prizes like .mp3 players, flat-screen TVs, gaming consoles, laptops, tablets, and the latest smartphones are a part of giveaways from these sites. Sometimes gifts like this are a part of VIP programs or promotional giveaways, other times they may be offered as prizes for winning special tourneys or game series.

These are just some of the prizes available to online bingo players; for more details on the kinds of items and jackpots you are eligible to win, research the details of VIP programs and other deals available at sites you’re interested in joining. Promotional giveaways aren’t the only way to win valuable goodies from bingo sites, but they are a good way to make your bankroll or other bingo deposit more valuable. Some sites have VIP member freebies that other sites don’t offer, so if special prizes are a big part of why you’re joining an Internet game, make sure you compare what sorts of offers different sites are making before you join.

Special events for VIP club members are common, as are gifts and promotions offered on a member’s birthday. Sites compete for membership by offering different gifts and jackpots, so it makes sense to use these sites’ prize offers to compare before you join an Internet bingo room.