REAC and Novomatic Announce New ID System

As preparations for the launch of the new Netherlands online betting sector continue, there was an interesting development that will affect those who attend physical arcades, bingo halls and casinos.

This week it was announced that specialist company REAC of Rotterdam, has signed up with long established gaming operator Novomatic to develop a high tech biometric entrance system that can be used at all gambling facilities in the country.

REAC say that they have successfully launched their new technology in collaboration with Novomatic Biometric Systems. It is designed to  provide an automated check that will enable a so-called ‘fast lane’ entrance to casinos for customers who will only be required to register on one occasion.

The new technology is in response to the upcoming online gambling market, which will take effect on April 1, this year. As part of the new sector, the Dutch regulator has made it mandatory on all operators to comply with the self-exclusion scheme known as CRUKS.

Under the terms of the new rules, whenever a customer arrives at a land-based gambling venue, the operator will be required to check if the player has been registered with CRUKS before they are granted entry. Players will be identified through a unique CRUKS Code that will be made up of their Citizen Service Number (BSN), along with their gender, name and date of birth.

In addition to land based facilities, players who use online gambling sites will also have to be validated through the CRUKS system before they bet online.

Operators will be able to apply for a Dutch online gambling licence from the start of April 1, although the new system, including the reforms to land based gambling, will not launch fully until October 1.

According to REAC, their technology will be able to adjust to any future amendment to the official regulations on gambling in the Netherlands. Thanks to a fast ID scan on a customer’s initial entry, all future entries by that player will be fast tracked. The system will also be linked to a central or local server so that it will be possible for multiple gambling venues to be joined together.

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