Bingo Software Providers

Bingo software providers are the companies that design the games used by online bingo parlors. Designers produce different games based on standard rules though each company’s titles have unique appearances and features.

bingo-softwareThe way a game looks at a bingo website depends on the design company they license their games from. Some features are common across multiple platforms – choosing to play for prizes and betting real cash or testing a game out in a play-money format (or just for fun, video game-style) is an option bettors will find at most if not all bingo sites.

An example of a game feature not available on every platform is the current trend towards mobile play, an option providing games compatible with their customers’ smartphones and other mobile gadgets for on-the-go gambling.

How the Games Work

Many modern land-based and all online casino games use a random number generator program (RNG) to replicate the element of chance usually determined by a dealer or caller. These RNGs (as they’re known in the industry) run many different aspects of the games; the selection of balls and even the variety of cards in multi-round versions chosen truly at random without the influence of the site or any human whatsoever. Think of the RNG software as a replacement for the caller and other staff members that run live games.

Choosing Where to Play

Selecting an online or mobile site or a game package allowing real money bets means choosing what type of games you like as determined by the designer and the site’s player interface. Once a player finds a set of software they like, they can shop for different apps for a smartphone or tablet or search for a website hosting that designer’s games and compare them by bonus offers, game variety, customer service options, or any number of other features that set a site or app apart from its competition. Game design is not the only important factor, especially for players making cash deposits.

More on Mobile Bingo Design

iPhones, Web-capable tablets, and Android–powered phones are a major platform for gaming, from popular video game downloads like Angry Birds to full-featured mobile casinos offering real-money slots and bingo games. Many variations of this numbered ball game have been available for play on laptops or desktop computers for years. Access to versions designed for compatibility with various mobile devices is a new phenomenon, becoming common in parts of the world where enough people use Windows Phone gadgets or tablets like the iPad.

The most important feature that sets the mobile game apart from traditional online play is the convenience factor – as people grow comfortable doing everyday tasks like banking or shopping on their mobile devices, the idea of gambling on the same gadget you use to talk to your grandmother is less foreign.

Similar to the way live parlor games vary in terms of their offerings from one room to the next or the way different Internet venues offer this game of chance, mobile versions are not created equal. For instance, users of Apple gadgets in some parts of the world don’t have the same access to download apps that allow cash wagers. Apple’s policy in North America and other parts of the world toward real cash betting prevents the spread of apps for this and other games of chance, forcing iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch owners to play only those games that run in Web browsers.

The quality of bingo games available for play on your laptop or smartphone depends heavily on the abilities and display options of your device and the designs of the games themselves. Players interested in playing this classic luck-based game, for money or just for fun should compare a site or game suite’s features – title variety, the quality of features like in-game graphics, size and frequency of cash prizes, and the relative user-friendliness of a website or mobile platform’s customer service and player interface.

The following bingo software properties are the leading providers in the industry: