This Unbelievable Story Shows Why the Bingo Community is the Best

As nice as it is to log in and win a few pounds at your favourite bingo site, nothing beats the community aspect of online bingo. The camaraderie, lively chats and overall sense of community found in online bingo is unparalleled by any other form of gambling.

Today’s heartwarming story provides all the evidence I need to make that bold claim. The Daily Mail and other media outlets first reported on the crazy-but-true story about two long-lost sisters who finally reconnected, and then later learned they had been playing together at the same bingo site for more than eight years.

What’s even crazier is that they weren’t just members of the same bingo site; they were actually in regular communication. The chat moderator even dubbed them the “terrible twins” according to the Gazette Live. The story goes that they were always online together, chatting and would have the whole room laughing – all while having no idea that they were long lost sisters.

The story begins as it usually does with the “long lost siblings reunion story” that we read about from time to time – with an adoption. Elaine Walker grew up with her adoptive parents in Teesside while Jackie Green grew up in Croydon with her biological father. The two were separated at such a young age that they never even knew one another existed. It wasn’t until she was 25 that Elaine learned she even had a sister.

Elaine decided more than 35 years ago that she needed to track down her long lost sibling. That’s right; the search lasted more than 35 years before she was finally able to track down Jackie Green with the help of an outside agency. Elaine finally found her sister on Facebook, and there discovered that the two of them shared a number of mutual friends. The funny thing was that these mutual friends all came from one source: online bingo site BingoPort.

After putting two and two together, the sisters realized that they already knew each other in a way. In fact, they had been chatting regularly during online bingo games for nearly a decade without ever realizing that they were sisters. The odds that two sisters separated by adoption would both develop a fondness for bingo, be willing to try online bingo, join the same bingo website and become fast chat friends are too long to contemplate.

Say what you want about destiny, genetics and plain dumb luck; this story is incredible. This is the type of thing that could only happen with online bingo, where the community aspect is so pronounced. Can you imagine a couple of poker or blackjack players building such a friendship over the virtual felt? They would be more likely to bite each other’s heads off than to exchange a kind word.

The community side of online bingo cannot be emphasized enough. Without it, bingo would be no different than any other form of gambling. This is precisely the reason I always make it a point to touch on the community aspect whenever I write bingo site reviews. The community is often the big separator between a great bingo site and one that’s just average.

Without the community aspect, bingo sites have little to differentiate themselves from one another. Bingo itself is a simple enough game. There are only so many variations and promotions one can offer to keep players interested. A healthy, engaged and positive community makes all the difference.

I can’t guarantee that you’ll find your long lost sibling or meet your future spouse if you choose the right bingo site, but I can tell you that your experience will be so much more fulfilling if you play at a site that has active, chatty players and great CMs. It seems like such a simple thing to fixate on, but the community makes all the difference.

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